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Oh, the places you'll go (in your head)!

A decade ago, I quit smoking as a New Year's resolution.  Sounds commendable, but truthfully the impetus was less that I wanted to promote the well-being of myself or anyone else, and more that I was dating a non-smoker.  Before that, my resolutions had typically been more private, self-improvement type promises that I silently made and usually blew off, either gradually or in moments of spectacular weakness.

Over the years, I've alternated between taking resolutions almost too seriously, or dismissing them completely and making none.  I have the tendency to see things in black or white, and as a result I often set the bar either too high or too low, when in fact the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle, in a grey area.  So, my resolutions over the years have often been either lofty goals (Forego Buying New Clothes in 2004) or a cheap way to reassure myself (Try to Listen Better in 2008).

In 2005 I started going to yoga classes.  It began as a way to get in shape (and perhaps t…

21 Parenting lessons my dogs have taught me (which also apply to children)

Nearly everything I have learned about parenting came from my dogs, although for most of the time I thought I was practicing on them, I did not realize they, in fact, were training me.

A number of my friends started their families years, some even a decade before me.  That never bothered me at all.  I continued to relate to them, only their children had 2 legs and mine 4.  While children cannot be crated for several hours (legally, anyway...), being responsible for the health, safety, and happiness of another creature is a daunting task. Gone are the days of spontaneous travel and freedom from responsibilities. Many are the nights spent worrying about potential signs of illness or injury, and decisions related thereto.

Having my own kids, both biologic and non, has only further demonstrated that the lessons taught to me by all of our dogs continue to apply to child-rearing.

21 Dog-parenting lessons which also apply to children:

1. It's messy.  
2. It's an art, not a science.
3. The …