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A Baby Story

First monthly submission for CT Working Moms!  Excited and grateful.

I was not one of those “glowing” pregnant women.  Not even close.  The only potential for glowing would have had to come from the millions of highly combustible particles orbiting my miserable, furious, fat head. My pregnancy gave rise to the greatest joy of my life, but the months up to the arrival of my son were the most stressful I have yet to experience.  Little man is now turning 2, which I hear means I’m in for a world of hurt in the very near future. As of this moment, however, pregnancy was the hardest thing I’ve been through, both physically and emotionally. I found out I was pregnant less than five minutes after being advised that we’d been rejected for a mortgage. While waiting for one line or two to appear on the freshly-christened pregnancy test wand, I flipped through the mail and came upon a letter from the mortgage company.  We’d found our dream house, and…

A letter to my son on his 2nd birthday

Dear Timo,
Mommy is crazy about you.  You may already be aware of this, as it appears to be a very poorly-kept secret.   How could I not be wild about you?   You’re adorable, which wasn’t a requirement, but is a constant source of pride for your family - especially your grandparents.  People stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful you are.  At just 9 weeks old, your photo had already made the storefront of a photo studio!  I was so excited the first time I drove by and saw you up there that I nearly crashed.
You make mornings fun.  Before your arrival, I dreaded getting out of bed, pressed the snooze button repeatedly, postponed the agony as long as humanly possible.  Now, getting up is the best part of my day!  We have our little routine: you page me from your crib (“MA!  GO!  HEY!!”).  I knock 4 times and open the door to your beaming face.  Every morning of your little life so far, you have greeted me with a huge smile, even if you were not yet completely awake, feeling sick, …