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Mother (hardly) knows best

3rd submission to CT working moms as a monthly contributor.

Over the past decade, I have worked hard to become a good nurse. Initially quite cautious, over the years I have developed confidence in my abilities, and now pride myself on remaining calm while fielding acute crises. Clinical judgement is equal parts education, training, experience, and common sense. Virtually no one is blessed with all of these components at once. It is imperative that medical personnel learn to separate the personal from the professional, so that our ability to provide excellent care is never compromised by our own feelings and fears. Luckily, this is something I have been able to master.  In fact, I’ve become so good at separating church and state that I can now completely forget that I have any relevant training when my own pets or children have medical issues. Web MD is currently the most popular bridge to misdiagnosis, however I have no need …