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Missing : One Toddler

Name: Timotéo Nicolas Gomez
Age: 2 years
Eyes: Brown 
Hair: Brown
Clothing: Hanna Andersson top, navy (or likely, no) pants

Last seen smiling in April 2016.  This child can be further identified by giant flames which burst from his ears when a commercial interrupts the Little Baby Bum video he's watching. Or by daggers that shoot from his eyes when they rest upon his mother.  He is also identifiable by a trademark right hook, which rarely misses making contact with his mom's nose.  

About six weeks ago, my two year old disappeared one night. While I was resting with one eye and ear open, someone replaced my giggling, sunny, mommy-loving baby with an angry, whiny, destructive Little T doppelganger whose face contorts into a miserable grimace at the very sight of me.  I heard about this Terrible Two phenomenon, but never paid much attention.  Our 8 year old was somewhat stubborn and a little oppositional at two, but either she skipped the part where she wanted her parents to suffer, o…