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I could get used to this

July submission for CT Working Moms:

If someone told me 20 years ago that in 2016 I’d be working as a nurse and happily living 25 miles from the town where I grew up, I probably would have socked them.  In June of 1993, I graduated from high school and hustled out of Connecticut with no plans to come back. Acutely aware of – but grateful for – the amenities provided to me by both my parents and the community we were raised in, I was determined to find a place I felt I belonged. My childhood had no shortage of friends or fun, it was nothing if not idyllic.  However, the roller coaster of adolescence and a growing discomfort with the value system taught to “privileged” kids led me to believe I needed to get as far away as possible to find myself. I started college in Virginia.  The countryside was beautiful and horses abounded, but the mindset conservative and old-school. Next, a brief stop in Massachusetts before throwing caution to the wind and going across the ocean to France. Spending …