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Crazy Grateful

November submission for CT Working Moms

Each Thanksgiving, I take inventory of the things I am grateful for.   While I am never more or less appreciative, one year to the next, there are times where events like births or deaths act as glowing reminders of all that we are blessed with (and, more soberingly, how quickly those things may be lost). This is one of those epically humbling years. My daily life is rich with moments to savor.  Every morning, I am reminded by my beaming, footie pajama-clad alarm clock how very lucky I am to be the mommy of a darling little boy. Every opportunity I have to witness the interaction between our two kiddos, I see the joy they bring to their father and each other, and my heart swells.  While my job involves scenarios that do not often lend themselves to positive outcomes, there are measurable improvements here and there, and those little victories are very, very sweet. Our life was turned upside down at the end of this October, when Lili was found to ha…