Monday, January 23, 2017

A letter to my son on his third birthday

Dear Timo,

How can you be turning three today?  You were only just a newborn!  A fragile, tiny, five-pound newborn who fit in your Daddy's hand. Exquisitely perfect and delicate, we were terrified to hurt you those first few weeks. Ok, who are we kidding, I'm still afraid to hurt you. Only now, I'm more afraid of someone else hurting you.  And maybe afraid for the someone else who does, too.  I have taken to saying that if I ever spend the night in jail as an adult, it will likely be over my reaction to something that happens to you on the playground.  Other parents laugh when I say that, perhaps they don't realize that I'm not joking...

In this past year, you've grown into an inquisitive, agile, impy little force of nature. You are still the sweetest child, sensitive to the feelings of everyone around you both human and animal, and eager to meet the needs of everyone from your Grandma (bringing her a hug and a frozen coffee yogurt immediately upon arrival) to your doggies. You are musical, and delight in dancing to your favorite songs - unless Mommy harshes your mellow by trying to sing along.  You've shed some of that gorgeous baby chub, and are now a brave and agile explorer, running, climbing, and splashing, your canine bodyguards never far behind. 

Perhaps the most beautiful development of the past year has been the blossoming of your friendship with your sister. She is the center of your universe. Watching her delight in engaging you - and you respond with such joy - makes my heart so full it sometimes feels like it might burst.  I hope that even as you both grow and cultivate your own interests and individuality, that you never lose that connection.  Your bond is unique, and, like you, so very beautiful.

Your smile can light up a room, and your very presence completes my life.  Thank you, little T, for the magic you have brought to us.  I'm very proud of who you are, and can't wait to see who you become.  I love you more than I could ever put into words.



  1. Love your blogs. :) Once again congratulations for the beautiful three years with T baby and all the years to come. :)

    1. Thank you so much <3. I'm lucky to be his mommy.